Another Shock to Tammanah Fans


Star heroines are always fantasy queens for many men and when they get married, it breaks the hearts of their fans. The double shock comes when they end up marrying someone who is not really that compatible. This happened with the Athiloka Sundari Sridevi.

Many were in for a major shock when she ended up marrying an already married Boney Kapoor who is quite elder to her in age. Anyhow, that’s what love can do. Now, time is approaching for yet another shock if the news from Mumbai can be believed.

Shock to Tammanah Fans

Shock to Tammanah Fans

Reports are strong that the milky white beauty Tamannah has found a strong lover in the noted director Sajid Khan. She has worked under him for two movies. Though both films failed, it looks like Sajid’s love for Tammu didn’t. Many say if this is true it will be like Boney-Sridevi pair. Of course, Tammu has already quashed this as rumour.

As Tammu confirmed that as a rumor many are still waiting for the Sajid reply also. It is common to have an affair between director and heroines. So everyone in the state of mind that Tammu also may have a secret relation with Sajid as they both worked for two movies.

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Shock to Tammanah Fans
There is a rumor that Tammanah and Sajid Khan both are in a relation and this is giving a shock to Tammu fans. If this become true then what about her film career!