Another Cool Anchor Jayathi Into Films

Anchor Jayathi

A new pattern is currently being seen in the Tollywood circuit wherein some coolcelebrities from the small screen industry are creating waves in the silver screen circuit. We are talking about those pretty anchors who are anchoring their position as heroines.

The recent list comprises of the ravishingly cool Rashmi Gautham who will be seen in the film ‘Guntur Talkies’ and her senior Anasuya Bharadwaj who was seen in ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’ and ‘Kshanam’. Now, another name is joining that club.

Anchor Jayathi

Anchor Jayathi

Her name is Jayathi and she happens to be the popular host of the TV show Vennela. Now, she is all set to make her debut as a heroine in a horror comedy flick and the interesting part is, she is also producing her debut venture.

Now Tollywood is encouraging many kind of aspects. In the list one of the best thing they support is accepting the small screen people on the silver screen. Usually after the chances went off in silver screen many used to arrive in small screen. But now this is great chance for some anchors that they are getting opportunities on Silver screen in the lead roles for some movies. Best of success to Jayathi!

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Anchor Jayathi
One of the hottest and cute anchor in Gemini Music is Jayathi. She used to host Vennela show more and more. Now she is grabbing the opportunities for Silver Screen for a lead role.