Andhra-Telangana Song Catches Attention

Andhra-Telangana Song

Andhra-Telangana Song

Andhra-Telangana Song creates an anxiety to the audience in Dictator movie. Though it is more than an year since the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh has taken place, it must be said that the thought of having two Telugu states is yet to be accepted by all. In this process, some references are also made.

Now, one song has begun to catch the attention of many Telugus. This is a song from the movie ‘Dictator’ and it goes ‘Gana gana gana gana….Andhra Telangana….adhirey super Jodi manadhi ley…’ featuring Nandamuri Balakrishna and Anjali.

The lyrics have been written in a very interesting manner and after the audio release happened yesterday, most of them are listening to this song. The tune composed by S.S. Thaman is also adding more weight to this song.

The song really creates a sensation in the viewers. All the viewers will think this Andhra-Telangana song will describe about the states differentiations. But the fact is there will be nothing to discuss about the states in this song.

The lyricist just use the two words Andhra-Telangana Song only to entertain the audience. The entire song is about only between the actor and actress to describe themselves. To say inshort, it’s just a love song in between Balakrishna and Anjali in Dictator movie.