Andarivadu Shades In Kaththi Remake


Till few months ago not many knew what the Tamil film Kaththi was and its specialty but the moment it was announced that the remake of this is going to be the comeback film of Megastar Chiranjeevi, for Kaththi Remake the whole scene changed and entire attention has fallen upon it.

Chiranjeevi’s 150th Film team planning for th perfect trailer to be released very soon. The talk about Megastar Chiranjeevi’s comeback and his prestigious 150th movie has been on since one year. But now, it looks like some real movement is happening on this and a very innovative approach is being taken for the project.

Kaththi Remake

Kaththi Remake

Now, there are reports that some major changes are happening in the script and Chiru has reportedly suggested to remove the character of the thief essayed by hero and replace it with someone who comes from a village. This is leading to mixed talk from the cine seniors.

They are saying “If the story and particularly that character is changed then it would remind the audience of Chiranjeevi’s past film ‘Andarivadu’ which also didn’t work. The original crux of ‘Kaththi’ lies on the thief’s character so not sure how good a move this is.” What say Chiru?

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Andarivadu Shades In Kaththi
The script is getting modified by Chiranjeevi for his 150th film. The main thief character is getting replaced. This shows up the shade of Andarivadu movie.