Anasuya Remuneration @ Rs 2 Lakh Per Day

Anasuya Remuneration

Anasuya Remuneration

Anasuya Remuneration rapidly increasing after acting with Nagarjuna in Soggade Chinni Nayana movie. The interesting thing about being successful in film industry is that you can become wealthy within a few days. The demand factor gives you the privilege to quote the price you want and you will get it. Here is one example.

A little while ago, Anasuya was just an anchor in TV circuit but today she is the coolproperty in Tollywood. News is that she is getting offers like a flood and Anasuya charges a whopping 2 lakhs per day as her call sheet.

Anasuya RemunerationOf course, she has a condition. Only if she likes the role she will say yes and does not agree to every project. Currently, she has ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’ and ‘Kshanam’ so these two will decide whether she will become like the other character actress Hema or will she emerge as a new brand.

Anasuya now started to rule the Tollywood by increasing her remunertion as 2 Lakhs per day and trying to lead a luxurious life as the time favours her. Now she is having more number of opportunities after acting paired up with Nagarjuna. So because of Nagarjuna she got more fame and now she is very busy with the movie offers. Let’s see what all projects she is going to accept now.

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