Anasuya Movie Presence Cuts Tickets


There are various gimmicks and stints the film teams do before the release of their film and there is only one objective for that, to see the tickets getting bought at theaters. It is here that the star power and face value of the actors and actresses comes into picture.

Lately, a new name has begun to make rounds and she is being deemed as the coolproperty. She is none other than the seductively charming Anasuya Bharadwaj and reports reveal her presence in a film is ensuring tickets are getting cut in theaters across various markets.

Anasuya Movie Presence

Anasuya Movie Presence

People are going to watch Anasuya and this has contributed favorably to her recent two releases ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’ and ‘Kshanam’. The industry folks say she has a big time ahead. Recently, Anasuya condemned the news that she is part of Ram Charan’s new film.

Very soon Anasuya will have bright future in Tollywood with more films. Along with the movies now she is busy with Anchoring also. Hope she will busy completely with movies after some time. If her luck is good then she can easily grab offers from Tamil film industry also. Wishing all the best for Anasuya for her upcoming projects.

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Anasuya Movie Presence
Anasuya presence in the movie increasing the movie level to high. Also there is lot of rush for the tickets. Anasuya becomes one of the hot actress in Tollywood.