Comedian Ali’s Censor Cut Videos In Circulation

Ali's Censor Cut Videos In Circulation

Comedian Ali’s Censor Cut Videos In Circulation

In the last few years, star comedian Ali has got a lot of fan following. This is not out of his performances onscreen but more due to the double entendres he uses in his dialogues. The masses adore him like anything.

In that process, Ali also entered the small screen circuit and in each episode, he tends to speaks a lot of double meaning words. It is heard that whenever Ali comes up with something like that, those scenes are cut and he speaks normally.

But then, these cut versions are now being uploaded in Youtube and that way, they are making the program popular. As such, Ali is an expert in double meaning dialogues and since there is no restriction on the internet, his Viswaroopam is being seen.

Ali a comedian in the Toolywood film industry always be popular not only by his comedy also by his unvoluntered comments on women. In past an NRI Anupama Sunkara showed off her intolerance on Ali for commenting on women vulgarly in public. For that video Ali and the other industry actors has said it’s all only for entertainment but not to insult anyone.

However, this issue ends up with some issues. Again in Size Zero Audio launch Ali commented on Anushka thighs which again went viral on the women. Ali also commented Sonal Chauhan that she didn’t have flesh in her body, so only he loves Anushka. In Billa movie Anushka show up her thighs in some shots and Ali said he become fan to the Anushka from that Billa movie scenes. Ali also said If more information you need on thighs then just ask Raghavendra Rao, Which makes everyone entertain there but at the same time again controversy has got started on Ali for insulting women in public.