Akhil as Auto Driver for Fundraising

Akhil as Auto Driver

There are many initiatives and measures that are undertaken by few good souls to make a difference to this world and bring happiness to the victims of fate. In that, there are few film celebrities who take the first step and participate in such things.

The latest name to join that list is that of Akkineni Akhil. Recently, he had been to Khammam to visit his hard fan Ashwith Reddy. Ashwith is just a six year old suffering from kidney ailment so Akhil did something innovative. He donned a khakhi shirt like an auto driver.

Akhil as Auto Driver

Akhil as Auto Driver

Then, he took an auto and drove on the roads of Khammam and collected funds for the treatment of Ashwith. The response was overwhelming and more than that, the delight and joy in Ashwith’s eyes made the day for everyone including Akhil himself.

This is the great work by Akhil. In past Pawan Kalyan, Allu Arjun also met some people to fulfill their fans last wish. Now Akkineni Akhil also done the same thing. To see the happiness in Ashwith eyes he did his best as Auto Driver and fulfilled the dream of Akhil by a single met. Akhil fans rushed to take photos on the roads and everyone felt happy by this news.

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Akhil as Auto Driver Akhil as Auto Driver Akhil as Auto Driver Akhil as Auto Driver Akhil as Auto Driver Akhil as Auto Driver

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Akhil as Auto Driver
Akkineni Akhil turns to Auto Driver for a cause. He helped out Ashwith who is suffering from Kidney Ailment by driving the auto.