Advance Bookings Status For Raj Tharun


The real stamina for a hero is known when his film gets a huge opening. These days, the business of cinema is decided in just a week or two hence the openings have become crucial for deciding the film and the hero’s fate. The talk now is about one young hero on a success spree. He is none other than Raj Tharun.

Recently he has arrived with the film ‘Seetamma Andaalu Ramayya Sitraalu’. Reports reveal the advance openings are weak and though Raj Tharun is someone in full demand advance bookings are not happening.

Raj Tharun

Raj Tharun

But those who follow his career track say Raj Tharun’s real strength is in current bookings only but very soon he would get into that advance booking stage. The latest reports reveal a positive talk has come for ‘Seetamma Andaalu Ramayya Sitraalu’ so here’s wishing Raj Tharun all success.

But for this movie sources says that the story line is very weak and so the movie didn’t get big collections. Also the expectations on him also got increased becuase of his previous movie Kumari 21F. But in this movie Raj Tharun acting got a plus point but it has average talk only because of the story line.

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Advance Bookings Status For Raj Tharun
Raj Tharun movie Seethamma Andalu Ramayya Sitralu didn't get the hit talk so this breaks down the advance booking status of Raj Tharun.