Aditya 999 Needs Rs 50 Cr Only

Aditya 999

The common understanding is that when a period movie is in the offing, the budget would touch the sky. This is one reason why many film makers don’t attempt such subjects because it ends up becoming a cost failure especially in a regional market like Tollywood. This is the same feeling many had when the film Aditya 999 was announced.

Since it was touted as the 100th film of Nandamuri Natasimham Balakrishna, the thought was that the budget would be easily 150 crores plus. But after some enquiry, some interesting facts have come out.

Aditya 999

Aditya 999

It is heard that the budget of ‘Aditya 999’ will not be more than 50 crores. However, though investors are there Balayya is reportedly in a dilemma to take this as the 100th owing to the time it would take for making. So, it might get delayed. Also Balakrishna told that his son Mokshagnya will be there in this film. Some of the people are saying that there is a charming prince character in the script. That role will be played by Mokshagnya.

In between, ‘Rama Rao Garu’ might take its place. This aside, director Boyapati Srinu is reportedly readying another script and wants to take it to the floors as soon as possible because he wants the 100th movie of Balayya under his direction.

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Aditya 999
Aditya 999 and Rama Rao Garu are the upcoming films of Balakrishna. Sources says that Rama Rao Garu will be the Balayya 100th movie.