Actresses Taking NTR Name for Movie Opportunities


The shelf life of an actress is very short so it is essential for her to grab as many films as she can and earn money and fame. Of course there are few exceptions like Anushka, Trisha who still continue to do films but it is not the case with everyone.

So, some actresses are choosing some shortcut routes to build their profile. The most common strategy is, few actresses are saying they are doing work with ‘Tarak’. You might think they are referring to young tiger Junior NTR but it is Nandamuri Tarakaratna and not junior.



Few others are also saying they have worked with NTR wherein they mean Nandamuri Taraka Ratna. But they are not revealing the full details of that name. That way, they are trying for chance in another movie and while some of them are getting lucky, some are getting discovered.

This is one of the smartest way to grab the chances in the movies. But whenever Junior NTR movie releases there will be a lot of craze for his movies. So they easily can’t cheat the directors and producers to grab the chances. This point should be remembered by the actress who are cheating out.

Article Name
Some of the heroines are trying for the opportunities by saying the name of NTR. But actually they worked with Tarak and they are mentioning as NTR.