Actress Anjali Comments on Omkar


Anjali Comments on Omkar

Anjali comments on Omkar in the special interview of Dictator movie. Anjali is an actress who got a good break through Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu movie in Tollywood film industry. She always choose different concepts in her film career.

Acting up in Shopping Mall movie in Tamil and as a ghost in Geetanjali telugu movie. Later she acted up as Don in Sankarabaranam movie. She succeeded in Geetanjali but didn’t get a good talk as a Don. After that the big offer came to her by Dictator movie to share the screen with BalaKrishna.

Anjali Comments on OmkarAlong with Anjali there is another lead actress Sonal Chauhan in this movie. During the movie promotions Media did a special interview with Anjali. While the media people asked about the affair between Anchor Omkar and Anjali, she responded very seriously.

She said that she is also irritated with his news. She is in the dictator shooting for the long time and came back to the city recently. I never met Omkar upto now. We didn’t have any affair. She also said that she just came out of her personal issues recently so not to put the other issues on her. She also said her character in Dictator movie is very good and it will impress the viewers.

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Anjali Comments on Omkar
Anjali Comments on Omkar while the media people asked about the affair between them.