Actor Surya Vs Jailer Suspension?

Surya Vs Jailer Suspension

There are many instances wherein cinema is taken as the inspiration to do things in real life. It ranges right from romantic moves to committing a crime. But what happened in Tamil Nadu has resulted in muffled laughs and a little of embarrassment.

A man named Sankaran was caught dancing in full flow which was enjoyed by those around. The point to note is, Sankaran is the jailer of the Salem Jail in Tamil Nadu and among those who were around were some prisoners as well. The video went viral and Sankaran got fired from his job.

Surya Vs Jailer Suspension

Surya Vs Jailer Suspension

But now, some of the staff members reveal Sankaran got inspired from one of the Tamil star Surya’s movie wherein he dances with his uniform on. This topic came out after Sankaran was removed and it remains to be seen what the future holds in store for him.

This is really a tough situation that is facing now by many people. While they start hear their favorite actor songs, people not reminding their work and simply enjoying the music. Jailer in the jail dancing for a song and this leads to his suspension. The main reason for this is the Jailer forget his duty and started to enjoy for the Surya movie song.

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Surya Vs Jailer Suspension
Recently a jailer has got fired from his job for dancing in the jail. The main reason for his dance is, he enjoying the song from hero Surya movie.