30 Years Industry Prithvi @ Rs 2 Lakh Per Day?


The beauty about being successful in the film industry is that your financial graph can change overnight. This is the reason why many actors and actresses try to make the most out of that peak phase and lead a secure life. Talent and stroke of luck always works well.

The hottest property in Tollywood right now is ’30 Years’ Prithvi. His demand and popularity has risen over the last one and half year. As a result, he has got his hands full and is unable to oblige all commitments. Hence, he has hiked his meter to 2 lakhs per call sheet.

30 Years Industry Prithvi

30 Years Industry Prithvi

Despite that demand, producers and directors are queuing up and they want Prithvi in their films. The film nagar analysts say Prithvi has become a very strong crowd puller and hence the makers are not hesitating to spend so much money.

As the luck favors him along with his acting talent, he is getting the more opportunities now. Previously there are less offers but now the graph has raised above and this is got possible only by his hard work in the film industry. His dialogue in a movie 30 years industry made him to remember everyone. Wishing him All the Best for his success.

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30 Years Industry Prithvi
Prithvi now busy with more offers in Tollywood and he just raised his remuneration amount Rs 2 Lakhs per day. Even though directors and producers need him.