2nd Film Budget Shoots Up With Killing Veerappan Success

Killing Veerappan

Killing Veerappan

Killing Veerappan is the film from RGV. It is a common formula that whenever a film of a director or a hero works big at the box office, the subsequent project’s valuation also increases. This is happening right now with the release of the new movie ‘Killing Veerappan’.

The film has released in Kannada and it will release in Telugu within a week. Reports from Bangalore reveal the film is met with an overwhelming success. With this, director Ram Gopal Varma’s next is taking a raise.

RGV’s next happens to be another multilingual ‘Rai’ with Kichcha Sudeep as the hero. News is that the budget for this might shoot up because financiers are coming forward to fund the project and make it on a grander scale. Let us see what happens.

Killing Veerappan also getting ready to release in Tamil also. Anyway all the collections from all the languages gives a profit to RGV after a long time. There are no commercial hits for RGV from long back as there is no story modulation.

Mostly he did the film with exposing the heroines and there is no perfect story. This makes him to go away from the success and now he got the commercial hit from Killing Veerappan movie and planning for the next film Rai with Sudeep.

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Killing Veerappan
Killing Veeraappaan movie success helps out RGV to make the another film with Sudeep and the movie title is going to be Rai