26/11 Attack Kind Of Attempt By Srikanth in Terror

Srikanth in Terror

You may not remember many of the good movies completely but you will certainly remember some scenes which create that impact. Due credit for that goes to the actors who deliver such high intensity performances. One such actor is Nana Patekar.

In his career, he has done some stunning performances and one such act was in β€˜The Attacks Of 26/11’. There is a scene in that wherein he speaks about Jannat and Allah to a terrorist. Now, a similar attempt seems to have been made by one Tollywood hero in his film.

Srikanth in Terror

Srikanth in Terror

He is the family star Srikanth and the film in discussion is β€˜Terror’ which is hitting the screens soon. Srikanth essaying the role of a cop is seen giving a piece of his mind to a terrorist when he takes the name of Allah. Once the film releases we will know whether Srikanth can create an impact like Nana Patekar or not.

Although his movies are getting released in the film industry there is no response from the audience. This is because now the image is only for big heroes and more number of theaters are not allocating for other heroes. Atleast with his terror movie hope Srikanth get his fame back to him again.

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Srikanth in Terror
Terror is an upcoming movie of Srikanth. In this movie Srikanth delivered intensity performances of Nana Patekar of 26/11 attacks. Let's see how many marks Srikanth will gain.