2016 cool Lady Is Kajal Agarwal


The first month of the New Year has come to an end and the second month has already commenced. With this, the race has once again begun for determining who will be the coolproperty for this year. This competition is more in the segment of heroines.

According to the recent analysis, it is being revealed that the saucy seductress Kajal Agarwal is the coollady of 2016. The reason being, she has got two plum projects in the form of ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’ and ‘Brahmotsavam’ in Tollywood.

2016 cool Lady

2016 cool Lady Is Kajal Agarwal

Not just that, she has also got a whopping four projects in Kollywood and that too with big names out there. This comes as a contrast because Kajal was literally idle the last year. But this time, she is keen to prove her mettle and regain the top spot.

Kajal Agarwal is one of most beautiful actress in Tollywood and Kollywood. Even Mollywood she got more name and fame. In some movies they are acting directly and other some movies are getting dubbed and having more fan following. There is a great race for the coollady of 2016. This time the chance goes to Kajal Agarwal and she is very happy to be in the first position in the race.

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2016 Hot Lady Is Kajal Agarwal
This year Kajal Agarwal is going to be the hot lady as she have 2 projects in Tollywood and 4 projects in Kollywood with lead roles.