Robo 2.0 All About Expensive Film Of 2016

Robo 2.0: All About Expensive Film Of 2016

Robo 2.0 Expensive Film Of 2016

Robo 2.0, The year 2016 is all set to arrive and it is also the time to look at what is going to hit the theaters in the New Year. First in the list happens to be Robo 2.0 which is being made at a whopping estimated budget of Rs 400 crores.

There is also the discussion about ‘Nannaku Prematho’ featuring young tiger Junior NTR and the team has not compromised on the budget. King Nagarjuna’s ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’ is another project to look forward to,

Meanwhile ‘Bengal Tiger’ is going full swing with it collections and this has touched an approximate of 1.16 crores share worldwide. All in all, ‘Robo 2.0’ stands first in the most expensive list and it might stay there for while.

If a movie is happening with superstar Rajnikanth as the hero then it is bound to be of a very high range budget. So, it is obviously tough to have another star who is on par with Rajnikanth in terms of remuneration and star power. But one man tried to do the unthinkable. Only 1 Hero Fits Rajinikanth’s Film Budget.

There is another important thing about Robo 2.0. that is Arnold Schwarzenegger playing as villain robot. depending upon the information, arnold schwarzenegger gave 30 days schedule of him for 100 crore Remuneration.