Only 1 Hero Fits Rajinikanth’s Film Budget

Robo 2.0: All About Expensive Film Of 2016

Only 1 Hero Fits Rajinikanth’s Film Budget

If a movie is happening with superstar Rajnikanth as the hero then it is bound to be of a very high range budget. So, it is obviously tough to have another star who is on par with Rajini in terms of remuneration and star power. But one man tried to do the unthinkable. Only 1 Hero Fits Rajinikanth’s Film Budget.

He is the showman of the south Shankar and for his ambitious project ‘Robo 2.0’ he wanted to bring in a big star opposite Rajnikanth. His first choice was Hollywood legend Arnold Schwarzenegger but sources say Arnie demanded a bomb with lot of conditions.

After he got dropped, the news was about the Greek God of Bollywood Hrithik Roshan. However, even he also didn’t work for reasons unknown. Finally, charming star Akshay Kumar has been roped in for the movie. Sources say he is the only one who fits into Rajnikanth’s budget.

Yesterday, an image was released by Robo 2.0 crew. Going viral on internet. In that image the key persons of the movie were there. Rajini Kanth, Akshay Kumar, A.R. Rehman and Director Shankar.

There is another important thing about Robo 2.0. that is Arnold Schwarzenegger playing as villain robot. depending upon the information, arnold schwarzenegger gave 30 days schedule of him for 100 crore Remuneration. This is the first time that a hollywood superstar acting in indian cinema’s in a full length character. This possible only to Director Shankar. Nayanatara seemed to be the actress in this film.