Southern Lady Star Nayanthara In Solo Lead


For a long time, the film industry has been hero centric and they are the crowd pullers and revenue generators. Even today the situation is no different but a new wave has emerged simultaneously. Some heroines have become the drawing force in theaters.

Hence, whenever they come in movies as solo leads, their films are getting good response. In Tollywood, we have the awesome beauty Anushka with that capacity. As for Kollywood, the lady in charge is the gracious beauty Nayanthara.

Nayanthara In Solo Lead

Nayanthara In Solo Lead

In the last few years, Nayan has grown not just as a commercial heroine but also a starlet with a strong market. She is now coming up with solo lead projects and they are working at the box office. Soon, she would commence another Tamil project to be directed by debutante Das Ramasamy.

Nayanthara recieved more big opportunities within a short period in her film career. She acted up in many glamorous roles in films. But her lead movies like Maya showed up her acting skills and talent more than the glamorous roles. Even she is so daring to choose such type of scripts and this helps her to grab more opportunities. Hope soon she can such type of films from Tollywood also.

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Nayanthara In Solo Lead
In Tollywood Anushka plays solo lead movies and at the same time in Kollywood Nayanthara is going to play solo lead movies more.