South Indian Celeb Insulted In Bollywood Studio


There are some occasional instances when people from South film industries are looked down upon in Bollywood. There is a hidden anger in South that people based in Mumbai takes us for granted.

There are reports that one celebrity from south Indian industry went to a music studio based in Mumbai to get the music related works done. There when he reportedly asked for tea, he was given an inferior quality tea which wasn’t nice. He then requested for another one.

South Indian Celeb Insulted

South Indian Celeb Insulted

The reply which came to him from the music director was that this is what they could offer and he can either drink it or leave it, or he could go back to Chennai and get it done. Bollywood says there is no discrimination against South Indians, but what are these then?

This is really happens form long time for South Indian celebrities in Bollywood. They feel that they are pretty damn high in making out the films. So many of the people in Bollywood behaves in the same way. But not pointing out all the people in Bollywood. There are few people who respects and gives value to the  South Indian Celeb for their work and more over as a human.

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South Indian Celeb Insulted
Many of the people are getting insulted in Bollywood even though they have the stardom image in South India. Bollywood film industry will take care for this and not to repeat again.