RGV Tweets On Rajinikanth Made Tamil Channels Roaring


The unending tweets from the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma is not a big news for media folks in Hyderabad and Mumbai. In fact many celebs have crossed the stage of responding to them and completely ignore his tweets, which are controversial too for most of the times.

In his latest series of tweets, Ramu has targeted style samrat Rajinikanth. He tweeted pictures of Rajini saying nowhere else such a person can become a superstar with no looks, great physique or nice dance moves.

RGV Tweets On Rajinikanth

RGV Tweets On Rajinikanth

RGV was hinting that still he is a superstar and for those who criticized him, he called them dumbos. This provided enough fodder now for Tamil channels which are fully focusing on his latest tweets about Rajini!

Actually what RGV tweet on Rajinikanth is in a positive way. What he actually mean is there is no need of glamor, dance and looks to get a big star position. It can be build up with the talent. But fans of Rajini consider this in negative way and made it as a big controversy. Also many social media sites also targeted RGV in a negative way and made it as controversy. But what RGV want to express is really different and many are angry on him for his tweets.

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RGV Tweets On Rajinikanth
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