Rajinikanth Robo 2.0 Movie Updates from Delhi Now

Rajinikanth Robo 2.0 Movie

Recently, charming star Akshay Kumar’s villainous look was revealed in Shankar’s 2: 0 (Robot 2) and the film’s shooting is going on in Delhi in a big way. Sources say that a large chunk of the film’s action scenes will be scoolin the capital city.

Style Samrat Rajinikanth is the main lead in the film and for this, director Shankar has put together very expensive and elaborate fight sequences. These scenes will be reportedly scoolin Delhi at few undisclosed locations.

Rajinikanth Robo 2.0 Movie

Rajinikanth Robo 2.0 Movie

The film revolves around the mighty conflict between Rajini and Akshay’s character. With Rajini facing two back to back flops in a row recently, his fans are having high hopes on Robo 2.0, given the showman of the south Shankar’s magic.

Already this movie have the higher expectations from the viewers. It is because it is sequel of Robo part 1. In Robo movie Rajinikanth work was superb. Before the release of Robo 2.0 Rajinikanth Kabali is ready to release. The posters and scenes of Kabali are attracting the viewers in wide range. Recently Akshay Kumar scenes from Robo 2.0 is also creating a great hype on the movie. Sources says that soon Rajinikanth will be appear on silver screen with two biggest hits. All the best!

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Rajinikanth Robo 2.0 Movie
Rajinikanth now busy with the shoot of Robo 2.0. Sources says that Rajini is now in Delhi to shoot out the fight scenes of Robo 2.0 movie along with Akshay Kumar in Shankar Direction.