Radha Ravi comments on Bahubali Blowouts In Many Places


From the time it hit the floors to the time it hit the screens, the amount of craze and sensation the magnum opus Bahubali created needs no explanation. After releasing, it began rewriting the box office records. Interestingly, it was not just in Telugu but in other languages too.

That way, the film created a blowout situation across many places and while this is a matter of pride to the Telugus, one celebrity in Tamil Nadu is very unhappy. His name is Radha Ravi and he is the brother of noted actress Radhika.

Radha Ravi comments on Bahubali

Radha Ravi comments on Bahubali

Sharing his thoughts, Radha Ravi reportedly stated that Bahubali getting maximum awards in Tamil category at the IIFA Utsavam was unfair and alleged that foul play is involved. Insiders say he was expecting an award for his role in the film Pisachi but it didn’t come hence this complaint. Only Radha Ravi knows the truth.

Bahubali movie created a sensation in the world itself. The movie making and the characters played in the movie, the graphics everything are really unique. So only many prestigious awards came in the name of that movie. But at the same time the others are feeling that they are not getting awards because of this. Let’s see what Radha Ravi want to convey exactly!

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Radha Ravi comments on Bahubali
As many awards in IIFA Utsavam win by Bahubali. Radhika Brother Radha Ravi showed his mis interest on Bahubali movie. This is because his movie didn't get any awards.