Pichaikaran Of Tamil Nadu similar to Telugu Denikaina Ready


In the year 2012, the film Denikaina Ready featuring Manchu Vishnu and the apple pie beauty Hansika became a success. Due credit for that goes to the controversy element which was stirred up in this film. A fair share of it had criticized Brahmin community.

Now, another film in Tamil Nadu is facing the same situation. We are talking about the Tamil film Pichaikaran which means beggar. The film has the noted music director Vijay Antony as the hero and it is heard that some dialogues and scenes are quite objectionable.



As a result, the Andavar Munnetra Sangham which is primarily a Brahmin organization has raised objection to the film and demanded a ban on it. A memorandum has already been submitted to the Chennai police commissioner. The film will not go anywhere but in turn it is going to get huge publicity with all this.

Now it is so common to have this type of non sense in the film industry. Film makers will be thinking of fun and put up some comedy dialogs to entertain the audience. But it will be in the way of criticizing some community. The sameĀ  problem arrives with the Pichaikaran movie in Tamilnadu. The community people can’t tolerate the fun made on them in the films and so these type of problems will occur.

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Pichaikaran is a Tamil movie on which Brahmin community gave complaint in Tamilnadu. This situation is similar to Denikaina Ready movie in Telugu.