Most Vulgar Song Of The Year

Vulgar Song

Vulgar Song

Most Vulgar Song of the year composed by Simbu and Anirudh. Though the world cinema has changed quite a bit in terms of vulgar and vulgarity, Indian cinema has not crossed the line. However, there are those sporadic instances when some of them break the barriers.

That way, one song is being called as the most vulgar song of the year. This is titled as ‘Beep song..’ and it has come up in Tamil. The song was rendered by Tamil actor Simbu and composed by ‘Kolaveri’ fame Anirudh Ravichander.

The entire state is up in arms because the lyrics of the song have spoken about the private parts of a woman in a crass manner. However, both Simbu and Anirudh have reportedly stated it was just a personal thing they did but was leaked by someone with malicious intentions.

Infact Simbu and Anirudh had a great name in the Tamil film industry for their new type of composing. But due to this Beep song everything has been collapsed in their career. Beep song completely express the private parts of the woman in which woman feel that they made them as Levity.

Usually Simbu and Anirudh songs will be define the women character regarding love but this time it crossed the limits and went to describe the women with their private parts which  put them into the issue.