KVPG Into Tamil As Thala Fan

KVPG Into Tamil

One of the reasons the recent release ‘Krishnagadi Veera Prema Gaadha’ became a success is due to the patronage it got from Nandamuri fans also. The reason being, the hero of the film is shown as a hard fan of Nandamuri Natasimham Balakrishna.

Now, there are reports that the success of this film has caught the attention of the Kollywood folks and they want to remake it there. As for the hero’s characterization, it is heard that the hero would be shown as a hard fan of Ultimate Star Ajith.

KVPG Into Tamil

KVPG Into Tamil

Ajith is fondly called as ‘Thala’ meaning leader by his fans in Tamil Nadu. He has got a strong following not just among the masses but also among the youth and urban audience. The industry experts are predicting that this remake will be a profitable venture if it materializes.

KVPG features Nani and Mehrene Kaur Peerzada in the lead roles while Murali Sharma and Sampath Raj appear in crucial supporting roles.The film is scheduled for a worldwide release on 12 February 2016 in Tollywood. As this movie got the huge success here, the movie unit is planning to release in Kollywood also. As the people of Kollywood are the fans of Ajith they are mostly targeting Ajith fans.

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KVPG Into Tamil
Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gadha movie got huge response in Tollywood. This movie is going to remake into Tamil and the hero acting as Ajith fan in Tamil.