Kollywood Heroes Ugly Fights In Film Industry


There are many issues and misunderstandings that keep happening in the film industry but most of them are resolved through dialogue and third party intervention. But there are those occasional issues which cross the line and end up becoming messy.

One such issue is currently happening in Kollywood and this is leading to an ugly fight between two noted heroes in Tamil. They are the muscular stud Vishal and the Supreme Star Sarath Kumar. Recently, Vishal became the president of Kollywood Nadigar Sangham and he is digging out old records.

Kollywood Heroes

Kollywood Heroes

Prior to him, it was Sarath Kumar who held that post and sources say some major discrepancies are seen in terms of finances. With this, Vishal went ahead and filed a case on Sarath Kumar, as per sources. But many are wishing things settle amicably for wiser reasons.

This has been started before starting up the elections. They both are just started to quarrel from the time of nominations. Every time Sarath Kumar is in the leading position and no one is there to question him. But when Vishal got the post he is inquiring and re writing all the records of Sarath Kumar. This is really not bearable for Kollywood people to see their ugly fights.

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Kollywood Heroes
Vishal and Sarath Kumar are the most interesting Kollywood heroes now in the film industry. After Kollywood Nadigar Sangham elections there is regular fight between them.