Hindi Sounding Tamil Title Theri


A lot of buzz and excitement is currently ensuing on the Internet and also in Tamil Nadu. The reason being, one Tamil film has got some outstanding views on the You Tube and that too just for its teaser. We are talking about the film ‘Theri’ featuring big star Vijay.

The views on You Tube have been tagged as the highest and it is creating a record. While fans of Vijay are on cloud nine due to the highest views, the film analysts are citing another reason for this response. They are saying that the title has got the Hindi flavor.



Even north Indians would think for a moment that it is a Hindi movie. In a way, titles are being made in Tamil with some Hindi similarity just to get that extra attention. In the past we have seen the film ā€˜Iā€™ which also grabbed a lot of attention and views.

Vijay had a great success in Kollywood and he is one of the top hero in Tamil. As his movies are getting released in Telugu they are not grabbing more attention from the Tollywood viewers. This time if Theri movie is dubbed into Telugu then Vijay will get more fan following in Tollywood also.

Article Name
Theri is an upcoming movie in Tamil in which Vijay is playing the lead role. The title is grabbing more attention and it is looking like Bollywood range.