Dharmadurai Tamil film shows Tamannah Performance


Once a heroine stamps her image as a glamor oriented starlet then her beauty and cool appeal become the most important parameters. But there are also those top league heroines who have a strong performance quotient in them which comes out when required. One such girl is the milky white beauty Tamannah.

Over the years, the way Tammu has scorched the screens with her irresistible beauty and cool appeal, she has become a coolproperty. Among the top league of heroines in today’s film industry, each has their own specialty but the fact remains that the milky white beauty Tamannaah is class apart.

Dharmadurai Tamil film

Dharmadurai Tamil film

The reason being, she is not only a stunning beauty but has very high cool appeal. She tops it up with some captivating performances and shows her mettle even in dances. But now, she has decided to keep her glamor aside and show her performance.

This is happening for a Tamil film titled as Dharmadurai. Reports reveal Tammu would be seen as a quintessential Tamil girl dhardd in traditional Saree and well tied hair. This is going to be a deglam role of sorts so time to see a different side of her.

Tamannah Performance

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Dharmadurai Tamil film
Dharmadurai is an upcoming film in Tamil and this movie is going to show Tamannah with complete performance other than glamor. This shows up Tammu dare.