Cottalango Leon wins Oscar makes Tamilians Happy

Cottalango Leon

Winning an Oscar award is an unforgettable and memorable moment for any actor or technician. This applies to even the best in the Hollywood circuit. Given that, you can imagine the excitement if an Indian wins the award in any category.

Few years back, the Mozart of Madras A R Rahman won for his tunes in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and many in Tamil Nadu were beating their chest with pride. Now, they are repeating the act because another Tamilian has won an Oscar award.

Cottalango Leon

Cottalango Leon

His name is Cottalango Leon and he hails from Coimbatore. Leon has developed a collaborative tool in Sony Imageworks called as ‘Itview’. This is used to review cinema segments. He got the award for scientific and technological achievement. All Tamilians and even Indians are happy with this.

Cottalango Leon is a 44 year old technician of Indian roots wins Oscar for his technical achievement. He said that “It feels good. We started in 1996 and I was the main contributor for eight years. Often actors used to tell us they loved our product though commercial software is available” told to NDTV from Los Angeles.

For the credit of Cottalango Leon his mother L Rajam said “It’s a proud moment for us when the world recognizes my son’s contribution. We are ordinary people. Both me and my late husband were teachers.”

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Cottalango Leon
Cottalango Leon is from Coimbatore and he wins Oscar this year for Science and Technical achievement. This makes Tamil people very happy for having the second oscar from Tamilnadu.