Big Hero’s Anti Piracy Route?

Anti Piracy

Anti Piracy

Anti Piracy the new company going to build up by Surya. It is known news that the entertainment industry is suffering largely from the menace of piracy and each year, hundreds of crores are lost due to the pirated movies.

As such, the film fraternity is doing its best to ensure piracy is checked but here is one bold move from a big hero. He is none other than the Tamil star Suriya and his company 2D Entertainments has started a venture.

They have joined hands with a startup company and now they would be streaming Tamil movies online legally. This is being done to put a check on piracy. It has to be seen how this will be received.

This decision really an advantage to the film industry in the point of piracy. The piracy movies will be stopped up in the other sites and people starts to watch it legally in online. This also makes a note that how much people want to look over the movie in a piracy way.

Even though it is a legal view there will be a chance to grab how many online users are encouraging the privacy and tries to stops them very soon with legal values. This company should help out the income of film industry.