Karnataka Movie Ticket Price Cutoff Inspired by Tollywood

Karnataka Movie Ticket Price

While it is second to the big Bollywood, the Tollywood circuit has always stood as the role model for the rest of the industries especially in the south. The business model followed in Tollywood has now inspired the Sandalwood circuit and here are the details.

It is heard that in Karnataka, the ticket prices are hiked as per the demand and sometimes the ticket price touches a whopping Rs 800 per head. But now, one noted film maker has filed a petition seeking uniformity in the ticket price that so that the theater occupancy increases.

Karnataka Movie Ticket Price

Karnataka Movie Ticket Price Cutoff

This model is there in Tollywood since long and Sandalwood is now following our method. Given the extremely costly ticket prices, it is bound to cause a lot of dent to the collections so the lesser the ticket price the healthier the theater occupancy.

Many of the middle class people living in Karnataka are not able to watch a film with that much of cost. Small theaters are not capable to take a family to the movie. Because of all these reasons one film maker has put his petition in the court. If the theater occupancy increases then automatically the ticket price will be reduced and this helps out many people to watch the films.

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Karnataka Movie Ticket Price Cutoff
Karnataka Government soon going to reduce the ticket price. Also there will be a fixed price for all the movies. This is going to manage by more theater occupancy for a movie.