ISIS Tensions To Indian Film Stars

ISIS Tensions

The one name that is giving nightmares to the entire world is ISIS. This is the terror outfit which is currently creating a bloodbath in Syria and Iraq. The reason behind many getting that fear factors towards ISIS is their ways of killing innocent civilians. Their recent act has sent jitters across.

A tienage boy named Hussain was beheaded by ISIS. His crime, listening to western music and his execution happened right in the middle of the road with hundreds watching. This incident has spread fear among Indian film stars as well. Some of them shared their fear.

ISIS Tensions

ISIS Tensions

They said “ISIS is already spreading to Europe and they are on a killing spree. What will happen if they come to our nation. If they can kill just for listening western music, what will they do with us for what we do.“ The fear can be understood but ISIS can never step into India for sure.

But if this happens really then they will kill all the people for some reason. Because here the people listen only the music from the day they started. If listening itself is a crime for ISIS then directly they will kill out all the people for this reason itself.

Indian Film Stars

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ISIS Tensions
Recently ISIS people killed out a boy for listening western music. If they come to India then they will kill out everyone for doing the nasty things in the films.