Is Kannada Hero Darshan Vulgarity On His Wife True?

Kannada Hero Darshan

Though we know the heroes as on screen idealists and role models in the society, at the end of the day they are also human beings and they also have a personal life. In that, there are few heroes who tend to have complications especially in terms of their spouse.

Currently, one incident is making coolrounds in south cinema and it is in Karnataka. It is about the Kannada star Darshan and the friction with his wife Vijayalakshmi. An audio file is currently making rounds on the Internet which has become the cause for huge controversy.

Kannada Hero Darshan

Kannada Hero Darshan

It is heard that Darshan has issues with Vijayalakshmi and the audio file contains Darshan’s voice where he is heard abusing his wife in the nastiest language possible. While the voice is yet to be verified, many are discussing whether Darshan has really stooped to such vulgarity.

Police also arrested Darshan because his wife filed a complaint on him in police station. Also they have a kid hope they should have some counsellings and they can solve their family problem soon. This personal life issue also effect his film career. Sources says that some of the actress will not like to work more with the people who have family issues. Let’s wait and see what will happen!

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Kannada Hero Darshan
Kannada actor Darshan arrested for harassing his wife Vijayalakshmi. She filed a complaint against him in Police Station and everyone are curious to know what is happening.