Uncle And Aunty’s Public Kiss in Dilwale

Public Kiss in Dilwale

In the film industry, age plays a very key role and whenever an actor or actress passes their prime, they are immediately tagged as uncle and aunt. For heroes, it is usually 35 years plus and for heroines it is 28 years plus. And when they resort to something it becomes news.

In Bollywood, there is a strong buzz making rounds about the public kiss between an uncle and an aunt. They are no ordinary people. They are the Bollywood Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan and the sparkling beauty Kajol respectively. The duo was seen recently in ‘Dilwale’.

Public Kiss in Dilwale

Public Kiss in Dilwale

Recently, the photos of the making video were unveiled and one of them saw SRK kissing Kajol with a lot of affection. For some reason, that particular picture caught the attention of many and they are expressing surprise over this public act. Let us see if SRK and Kajol have to say something about it.

It is common in Bollywood for having lip locks in the movies. But here after a long time Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol did this lip lock as they are youngsters. This is really shocking for some people in the Bollywood to have the Lip lock in this age.

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Public Kiss in Dilwale
In Dilwale movie Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol had a lip lock. This is creating a greater buzz in Bollywood for having public kiss in their second innings.