Shahrukh Khan Fan Reaching Salman Level

Shahrukh Khan Fan

In Bollywood, the popularity of three Khans is well known namely the Bollywood Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan, mighty heart Salman Khan and Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan. Off late, despite commercial successes, SRK has been facing a lot of criticism. Aamir Khan clearly crossed the bar long time ago with excellent scripts.

Even Salman has been doing well and his latest film Bhajrangi Bhaijaan has silenced his critics who accused him of not doing good movies. However SRK has been facing flak for his poor choice of scripts and relying more on publicity than content of films.

Shahrukh Khan Fan

Shahrukh Khan Fan

With his latest film Fan, SRK has clearly proved his mettle once again after a long time. Fan has earned reviews of 4 and more also by leading critics and Shahrukh Khan is really happy for the film’s success and the fact that it is reaching the range of Salman’s movies.

Sources says that SRK’s Fan movie released in a record number of 4600 theaters worldwide which is indeed a record of sorts ever. In India, the total screens is 3500 and in overseas, it is releasing in 1100 screens. The film storyline is reportedly based on how Shah Rukh Khan reportedly develops a dangerous obsession with a film star who looks similar to him. Shah Rukh is creating lot of curiosity for his fans ahead of his Fan movie.

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Shahrukh Khan Fan
Shahrukh Khan came up with Fan movie and this is creating a great buzz in Bollywood now. Sources says that this would be reaching out Salman movie level and now Shahrukh Khan also getting good fame for choosing this script.