Senior Star Mukesh Rishi Underutilized?

Senior Star Mukesh Rishi

Senior Star Mukesh Rishi

Senior Star Mukesh Rishi underutilized in some movies. Your ability as a filmmaker would be recognized only when you know to pick the right kind of actors for certain roles and extract the performance justifying their potential. But there are times when some high caliber actors are not used properly.

In the recent past, one senior star has been underutilized. This is the feeling expressed by the cine buffs. He is none other than Mukesh Rishi. This Bollywood star has been part of Tollywood since many years and has given stellar performances.

Senior Star Mukesh RishiBut a look at his recent movies have revealed that had he been given more screen time, he would have taken the film to a new range. Nobody can forget that single scene Mukesh did alongside Aamir Khan in the movie ‘Sarfarosh’. So, it is all about giving him that space. Let us wish the filmmakers realize that and use his potential fully.

As he is giving time for the movie alot there is no point of showing his act more. He shows up his talent and work within a short period of time. Then it’s better to use Mukesh Rishi more in the movie especially for some scenes and make him utilize more.

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