Secret Acts In RGV Company

RGV Company

From the last few days, the only word that is being heard across Bollywood circles is ‘Company’. This is not the name of a new film but the name of the new office which has been started by the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma after he shifted from Hyderabad.

Many are curious to know what exactly is the agenda of ‘Company’ and here is some inside information on what is happening there. A number of film trailers are getting ready and they will be released in the right manner.

RGV Company

RGV Company

So, those who get tempted looking at the trailer they can come forward as producers and become a part of the project. As it is, there is a certain brand value that RGV has in terms of his films so it is working in a mutually beneficial manner for the aspiring producers and RGV.

His staff has revealed just the office interior design cost itself is 2 crores. It is heard that this would take one more month for completion and the office is set up in Veera Desai road in Andheri West, Mumbai. Recently, some Tollywood folks also visited RGV’s new office and they were blown away by the interiors and the grandeur inside.

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RGV Company
RGV new office name in Mumbai is named as Company and there are many secrets to in the office. Many are eagerly visiting RGV new office with much anxiety.