RGV With Sunny Leone Confirmed?

RGV With Sunny Leone

There are those crazy combinations in the film industry which create quite a ripple when they come together. But getting them together is the challenge. Lately, one news has begun to make rounds in the Bollywood circuit. This is about a bold director and a cool symbol.

We are talking about the duo of the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma and the ladduz cool goddess Sunny Leone. Ghardvine is strong that the duo is teaming up for a new film. This vinehas emerged after the many tweets that RGV put about Sunny on his social media account.

RGV With Sunny Leone

RGV With Sunny Leone

Whenever RGV starts talking something high about a woman it is an indicator to few he would be starting work with that lady. Taking that as the cue, many think the film with Sunny Leone is almost confirmed. It would be a crazy project if it materializes.

Ram Gopal Varma is very much praising Sunny Leone in the social media. He put the tweets by comparing Sunny Leone with Government, Deepika Padukone, MLA’s. Every one voted up Sunny Leone and the fans following of Sunny Leone is got to know now clearly to RGV. So he may plan a movie with her soon and it will surely entertain the fans of RGV and Sunny Leone.

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RGV With Sunny Leone
Sources says that RGV is planning to do a movie with Sunny Leone. This is because his social media site is completely lied on Sunny Leone discussion.