Neha Dhupia Liquor Advertising Impresses all Men

Neha Dhupia Liquor Advertising

It is common to see how men lure women with gifts which appeal to them. Now here’s a Bollywood actress who has opened up some new discussion regarding what she wants in life and how she is also using a brand endorsement.

Usually, endorsing liquor brands has been a turf of men all the time. Now, the tempting hip beauty Neha Dhupia is advertising a popular Whisky brand and her tweets in this regard are also thought provoking. Now she says one can easily lure a man with a Scotch as a gift.

Neha Dhupia Liquor Advertising

Neha Dhupia Liquor Advertising

Clearly, this is a new thing which she has conveyed through her endorsement. Well, it is a nice thing to know that one can lure men by inviting them over a bottle of scotch for spending a nice evening.

Now the world has got changed more, even girls are taking up the liquor in the public by saying that it is a party culture. But no actress came forward to advertise the liquor in social media. Neha Dhupia is the one who came forward and advertising whisky brand in the social media. She posted the pictures of  this liquor in her twitter and this is pretty awesome shock for everyone.

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Neha Dhupia Liquor Advertising
Neha Dhupia is one most glamorous actress of Bollywood now came forward with the liquor advertisement in the social media. She tweeted that this is the special gift for men to impress them.