Most Honored Selfie Of Mallika Sharawat with Obama


These days the selfies are considered the more personal and informal way of clicking photographs showing a lot more bonding between two people. The celebrities make sure of taking a selfie whenever they are at important places or meeting important people.

Now, one Indian celebrity has taken a selfie which is being called as the most honored selfie. She is none other than the sizzling cool bomb Mallika Sherawat and recently she took a selfie with the most powerful man on this earth.

Mallika Sharawat with Obama

Mallika Sharawat with Obama

Yes, he is the US president Barack Obama. This is not the first time Mallika met him. Her first meeting took place in 2011 at a tea party in Los Angeles. Lately, Mallika has been living in the USA and she is also trying for opportunities in Bollywood. For now, this selfie is creating some buzz.

There is a great following for Mallika Sherawat and Obama. Both are the biggest celebrities. Barack Obama is the former U.S. President. He is graduate from Columbia University and Harvard Law. He worked as civil rights attorney at University of Chicago Law School at 1993-2004period of time. Mallika Sherawat is an Indian actress and model. She is most popular with the movies Khwahish and Marde movies.

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Mallika Sharawat with Obama
Recently Bollywood Actress Mallika Sharawat had a selfie with the U.S. President Obama. This selfie is going viral in the social media.