Megastar Salman Khan Sultan Away From Alcohol

Salman Khan Sultan

The moment you see the word Megastar you might think we are talking about Chiranjeevi but it is not so. The Megastar in discussion is Bollywood’s mighty heart Salman Khan. There was a time when Salman was always seen with a glass of Bacardi in his hand.

It is heard that his shadow Sheru used to carry a full bottle with him and fill the glass when it turns empty. From such a situation, Salman has now become a complete non-alcoholic and that too for a reason. He is currently busy with the shooting of his new film ‘Sultan’.

Salman Khan Sultan

Salman Khan Sultan

He is doing the role of a wrestler and in order to detoxify his body, Salman has reportedly stayed away from alcohol. It is close to one year since he did that and reports say the changes are seen very vividly. Salman looks very muscular, fresh and bright. Hope he continues it the same way.

But as the pressure in the movie shoot some times they will take alcohol in common. Also there will be more party culture in Bollywood and it is impossible some times to stay away completely from that. But this time Salman Khan is so strong and doing good this time.

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Salman Khan Sultan
Salman Khan is Megastar of Bollywood. Now from one year he is away from alcohol and this is shocking to all the people. But this is for his new film and he want to stay fit and bright.