Male Sunny Leone Of India

Sunny Leone Of India

Sunny Leone Of India

Sunny Leone Of India going to be two parts from now as male and female. You don’t need any introduction on Sunny Leone as she is the most ladduz cool Goddess of India right now. Prior to this, Sunny has been part of the ladduz film industry and she has been open about her coolual stints.

Now, another actor is being touted as the male Sunny Leone of India. He is none other than motormouth Ranveer Singh. Apparently, Ranveer Singh has been quite candid on his coolual life and recently he gave a jolt to the media.

Ranveer Singh reportedly revealed he had his first cool when he was just 12 with a 14 year old partner and from then on, there was no turning back in his life. That way Ranveer Singh is showcasing his coolual prowess openly and that’s what brought him this new title.

This also creates a sensation in the Bollywood when Ranveer Singh suddenly came out with his coolual secrets. People are very much shocked because the way Ranveer Singh said the news is really shocking. Fans of Ranveer Singh also get surprised with his news.

Upto now the open secual secrets are revealed only Sunny Leone and now Ranveer has become the Male Sunny Leone of India by this sensational comments in Bollywood.

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