Lessons To Be Learn From Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone is one of the actress in Bollywood who have the huge fan following. The moment you hear that a woman comes from a shady background, your impression towards her changes. But it also takes a lot of inner strength and the right kind of spirit to handle such approach from the society. Here is one lady who is doing it the right way.

She is the ladduz cool goddess Sunny Leone and recently she was subjected to some really obnoxious interview by a journalist Bhupendra for a TV channel. While the journo posed some crass questions, Sunny Leone handled in the most dignified manner.

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone

This has triggered a major uproar among the film fraternity who are coming down heavily on the journalist accusing him of only belittling Sunny. On the other hand, they were all praises for Sunny for showing so much maturity, sensibility and dignified approach.

Sunny Leone worked in porn industry to lead the life and then she gave entry into film industry. This incident made some people to criticize her but the way of answering is so different. Even after marriage also she is leading actress in Bollywood and her husband also supports her past and helping for the future to continue with the offers she is getting.

Sunny Leone
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