Karan Johar Remakes Effect In Bollywood with Bahubali

Karan Johar Remakes

In Bollywood industry, usually there is some hesitation somewhere when it comes to openly accepting the greatness of the South film industry. But again this was never a hindrance to several remakes for more than three decades in Mumbai.

Now, well known producer of Bollywood, Karan Johar is creating a new trend by buying big projects at fancy prices. It is known that Karan reaped very good profits from Bahubali and last year, he also acquired remake rights of Ok Bangaram.

Karan Johar Remakes

Karan Johar Remakes

Now he has again bought the rights for Oopiri remake in Hindi. It shows that Karan has reposed good faith in South hits and it is a welcome decision to see how a person like him is choosing South films!

In the past there is a assumption that only Bollywood can make the movies of high range with ramp music and other features. But with the film Bahubali everything has got changed within a short period. Bahubali movie took out the Tollywood name and fame to high standard level. Now people in Bollywood are loving to watch the films in Tollywood and many directors are encouraged to remake the scripts of Tollywood movies to Bollywood. This is mostly got possible with the director Karan Johar and a warm respect him for accepting Telugu scripts.

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Karan Johar Remakes
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