coolel Honeymoon Deluxe becomes Surprising And Attention Pulling Film

Hotel Honeymoon Deluxe

There are thousands of MMS and P0rn videos that make their way into the Internet regularly. While the P0rn Industry contributes for 90% of these videos, rest 10% are filmed secretly by voyeurs from around the world.

This is sensitive since someone seems to be secretly filming the private moments. Now film maker Surya Lakkoju is all set to show the modus operandi of these anonymous people as well as the plight of their victims in his latest film titled coolel Honeymoon Deluxe (HHD).

coolel Honeymoon Deluxe

coolel Honeymoon Deluxe

coolel Honeymoon Deluxe is reportedly based on true events that combine intense drama and pacy narrative style. The film is reportedly being scoolin a voyeuristic manner which makes the audience get a feel of the whole event themselves. The film has newcomers Veer Choudary, Khushboo Poddaar, Om Prakash, Amal Sehrawat, Shreya and Sunny Charles.

These movies are marked as A certificate and still they are getting released easily. As the movie will be verified by sensor board then if any vulgarity is there then it will be removed and replaced with some other scenes. This helps out to watch the movie for few people. Let’s see what the movie unit are going to show in coolel Honeymoon Deluxe movie.

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Hotel Honeymoon Deluxe
Hotel Honeymoon Deluxe is an upcoming film in Bollywood. In this movie secretly filming private moments are going to shown in a different way. Many of the new actors are acting in this film.