Fan Movie Release Size Shocks Bollywood

FAN Movie Release

The eagerly awaited film of Bollywood Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan is out today. Hindi film makers and producers know how well they need to make return on investments and their wise strategies play a key role in delivering hits.

Now sources say that SRK’s Fan is releasing in a record number of 4600 theaters worldwide which is indeed a record of sorts ever. In India, the total screens is 3500 and in overseas, it is releasing in 1100 screens.

FAN Movie Release

Fan Movie Release

Shah Rukh who has lagged behind when compared to other Khans with his routine choice of scripts these days is reportedly very keen on choosing this film. SRK wants to answer his critics strongly with this movie. The film storyline is reportedly based on how Shah Rukh Khan reportedly develops a dangerous obsession with a film star who looks similar to him. Shah Rukh is creating lot of curiosity for his fans ahead of Fan movie release.

There will be one person who loves and lives in the world of Shah Rukh Khan as his fan. He even try to be similar to Shah Rukh Khan in the movie. This will be known to Shah Rukh and asks why he should spend time with him. Even though you are a fan I don’t want spend my five minutes life to you. This turns the fan to feel bad and become the greatest enemy of Shah Rukh. What happened after that is to be known only after the movie release.

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Fan Movie Release
Fan movie got released in Bollywood on April 15th 2016. This movie got more appreciations and the theater list given for this movie is very high and it gave a bit shock to everyone.