Doubts On Big Hero’s Twitter Followers

Big Hero's Twitter Followers

Big Hero’s Twitter Followers

Big Hero’s Twitter Followers is now reached the number 1 position. These days social media has become so crucial and important in many lives that it has also become a parameter to gauge your fame. This is more for the film celebrities who have immense number of followers.

But right now, some doubts are being expressed on the follower count of one hero. He is none other than the living legend Amitabh Bachchan. So far, Big B is considered to be the number 1 person in India with maximum followers.

Currently, his count has reached 18.6 million and the meter is still continuing to grow. This has raised eyebrows as to how it can keep growing at such a rapid pace. In a way, Amitabh commands huge international following too so there is a good chance. Amitabh before entering into the social media had a huge fan following and now this has got increased after entering into the social media.

Amitabh now accessing his Twitter account with new updates and getting touch with his fans. Sometimes for some special occassions he is wishing his fans and also he is giving answers to the questions from his account. Now finally this makes Amitabh number 1 again in the film industry and giving shock to the other actors in Bollywood.

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