December Fears Of Big Hero for Bahubali 2


Unlike Tollywood, the system of releases especially for big hero flicks is rather planned and systematic. It is clear that mighty heart Salman Khan releases his film during Ramzan and Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan releases it for Christmas.

The same holds for Bollywood Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan as well. But this time, it is heard that Aamir Khan has landed in a dilemma whether to release his film during December. He is busy with the shaping up of his movie ‘Dangal’ and shooting is happening briskly.

Bahubali 2

Bahubali 2

However, there are reports that Aamir might just keep his film on hold because there is news that ‘Bahubali-2’ might be arriving around that time. It is heard that many biggies in Bollywood are standing aside because they don’t want to mess with ‘Bahubali’. This is indeed a matter of pride for the Tollywood circuit.

This also a great respect they are giving for the high budget films of Tollywood. This makes Tollywood people to feel proud for their intend work for Bahubali. The entire credit goes to SS Rajamouli for handling such a big project. By Bahubali movie the name of the Tollywood is spread all over the world within a short period.

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Bahubali 2
As Bahubali 2 movie is going to release in December, many big hero movies are keeping apart in Bollywood. This is the great respect given to Tollywood.